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As a teenager in Elk Grove, you’re likely starting to hear the dreaded word tossed around: braces. Have you seen your friends and classmates walking around with metal braces stuck to their teeth, causing them all sorts of hassle and pain, not to mention suffering under the unwanted social stigma? Are you fearing being the next to succumb to this seemingly unavoidable tooth treatment?

Time to wake up and realize there’s a modern cosmetic dental solution to your problem! Invisalign Teen is the perfect way to gain and keep correct tooth alignment while enjoying maximum comfort and ease-of-use. At Prestige Dental, our dentists are fully certified to employ the Invisalign Teen program, giving you:

  • Comfort – Since the aligners are molded according to your unique teeth, tooth and gum pain is far less than with traditional braces or retainers.
  • Convenience – With these easy-to-use-and-remove aligners, you’re able to handle all other aspects of dental hygiene without an extra hassle. Plus you can still eat all the sticky, crumbly foods and snacks you love!
  • Aesthetics – No one will notice when you’re wearing an Invisalign aligner, so you never have to worry about unsightly braces or other chunks of metal sticking out of your mouth. So you can enjoy prom or being the star of the stage during your school’s next play production without having to hide your smile!
  • Powerful Results – At the beginning of the Invisalign program, you’ll have a clear view of how your teeth will look by the end, and you’ll be stunned to see what an incredible difference it can make!

Prestige Dental also recognizes that Elk Grove teens are constantly on the go, and it’s not uncommon for an aligner or two to get lost during sports events, shows, or just when you’re out having a good time with friends. That’s why you get up to six free replacement aligners through the Invisalign Teen program!

Is Invisalign right for your teeth? Contact Prestige Dental today for a free assessment and consultation!